The 10 most curious facts that very few know about our friend the liver

The functioning of the human body is something beyond our knowledge. Despite being something so close to us, we know very few of its characteristics, functions, peculiarities and mysteries.

Among the most important parts that make up our organism is the liver, a normally undervalued organ that is in charge to perform a lot of vital functions such as fighting infections, making proteins and hormones or helping blood to clot.

Perhaps the main function of this organ is to filter the blood that comes from the digestive tract before it is It disperses through the rest of the body, but also eliminates toxins from our body and helps us metabolize drugs.

Here are some curious facts about this organ:

1- It is the second heaviest body in the body

 The 10 Most curious facts that very few know about our friend the liver
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An average liver weighs approximately the same as a small Chihuahua, about 1,500 grams, and measures between 25 and 28 centimeters on its longest side, which makes it the heaviest internal organ of our body, only surpassed by the skin.

This is located on our right side, just below the rib cage and is made up of two lobes with gummy texture.

2- It has a double identity

. Organs are associated sets of tissues that perform specific work for a region of the body, the glands are specialized types of cells responsible for removing substances from the blood, processing them and then releasing them. to other parts of the body or eliminate them.

In this aspect, the liver filters toxins (such as drugs and alcohol) and removes them from the body, so it also functions as a gland. [19659011] 3- It fulfills numerous functions

 The 10 Most curious facts that very few know about our friend the liver
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The liver is a very complex organ that plays some important role in almost all functions bodily Some of his tasks include making and storing energy, producing proteins vital for body function, processing drugs and intervening in immune function.

4- It is a blood tank

When it is at its maximum capacity, the liver it contains approximately 10% of the blood of our entire body and circulates almost 1.5 liters through itself per minute.

5- It is the only organ that can be regenerated 100%

 The 10 most curious that very few know about our friend the liver
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The liver has the incredible ability to regenerate completely from 25% of the original tissue. When a person donates more than half of their liver, the organ returns almost to its original state in just two weeks.

6- Body weight is important for the liver

The body needs about one gram of liver for each kilogram of corporal weight total to be able to carry out its work correctly.

7- No matter the form or the size, all the vertebrates have one

 The 10 more Curious data that very few know about our friend the liver
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Each vertebrate, that is, every living being that has a spine, also has a liver that is essential for its survival. Although all of them are different, they share a similar structure and perform the same essential tasks.

8- The brain depends on the well-being of the liver

The liver plays a very important role as a regulator of glucose and ammonia in the blood plasma.

If the levels of these two substances accumulate in the blood, a disease appears that affects the nervous system and the brain known as hepatic encephalopathy, which produces symptoms of anxiety, personality changes, confusion and even coma. [19659020] 9- A damaged liver may not show any previous symptoms

 The 10 Most curious facts that very few know about our friend the liver
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Liver diseases are especially difficult to diagnose because they can lack symptoms during the early stages. There have been cases of people suffering from very serious liver injuries and who surprisingly showed normal results when they were given liver tests.

10- Improves bile

The liver is an efficient factory bile, that liquid that we only see when we vomit very often because of a stomach problem or a bad hangover. The 700 or 1000 milliliters of bile produced by the liver daily are transported and used in the duodenum of the small intestine, either directly or through the gallbladder.

While it may seem disgusting, bile is vital for our body can digest and absorb fats.

What do you think about the curiosities of this underrated organ? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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