The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump

In the history of American politics, no candidate has been as controversial as Donald Trump. The ex-businessman is ridiculed by numerous media every time he appears in public. And although many may take it as an incompetent character that only makes a laugh as if it were a kind of buffoon, it turns out that Donald J. Trump has been involved in quite dark issues over the past decades.

These are the ten darkest secrets that you should know about Donald J. Trump:

1- Create a fraudulent University

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump
Mother Jones

First of all you should know that Trump University (TU) was not any university. The state of New York prohibits calling a company "University" if it is not really an institution as such. In addition, instead of providing education, the company was nothing more than a scam to pluck millions of vulnerable people.

2- Create a fraudulent charitable foundation

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is a somewhat unusual charity. The money he collects is not always going to noble causes, instead, Trump uses the funds raised to make some " gifts " himself.

On one occasion, Trump used $ 20,000 of the foundation to have a portrait of about 2 meters high, we still do not know what is bigger, if the painting or its ego.

We could think: "Well, if it's your money, do what you want with him. " Well, the worst of all is that its foundation is funded by other philanthropists who decide to share their properties with "the most needy". Interestingly, the founder of the foundation, I mean, Donald Trump, has not made any donations since 2008.

3- Terrorizing tenants

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump

In 1981 , Trump bought a building in Central Park hoping to demolish it and turn it into apartments. The residents who lived there refused to move and Trump responded by becoming the landlord that everyone tries to avoid .

For five years, Trump cut the heating and hot water even during the cold winters of NY. He refused to fix the leaks. It allowed a plague of rats to walk through the building. He had the building manager spy on the tenants. It allowed a construction team to start working at 7:00 AM every day just above an apartment where an old woman was dying of cancer.

Things got even uglier when Trump, in an act of disinterested charity , decided to accommodate the homeless in the building. The residents claimed that it was a tactic to expel them. It all ended up in the courts where Trump finally took a step back but now denies everything.

4- Knowingly hiring illegal immigrants

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump

One of the measures Trump advocates is to deport illegal immigrants. However, during the 1980s, Trump used Polish undocumented workers to build the Trump Tower.

Although Trump flatly denied this fact, several witnesses, including an FBI informant, have testified under oath that Trump knew he was employing illegal immigrants. They claim that he made them work seven days a week without security equipment in a dangerous environment and that he even refused to pay them the 5 miserable dollars that he offered for one hour of work.

Like a true tyrant, Trump took advantage of their position and threatened to report them to the Immigration and Naturalization Service if they complained.

5- Use the campaign contributions to buy their own book

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump
] The Daily Beast

Surely, the people who contributed as much as they could to the Donald Trump campaign expected their money to be invested in political ends. And surely very few of them would have done it if they had known that Trump would use more than $ 55,000 of those funds to buy his own book.

To be fair, some writers of high prestige have been caught buying some copies of his latest work, however, none of them used funds from an election campaign or bought around 3,000 and 5,000 copies at retail price.

6- Lying compulsively

 The 10 most secrets Dark of Donald J. Trump

Trump has been accused of lying countless times during his campaign. Without going any further, during a 2007 court case, Trump had to verify under oath some of his past statements, I do not think it surprised anyone who ended up admitting that 30 of them were lying .

7 – Political irresponsibility

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump

In July 2016, The New York Times published an appointment of a staff member of John Kasich's campaign somewhat disturbing They stated that Trump's long-term political plan was to hand over the post of president to his vice president after the elections.

If this were true it would be a very irresponsible act. In this way Trump would only want to win the elections and then stay aside, something that so far has not been unprecedented and would show that he has lied to the electorate and has used something as serious as a presidential election to bring his particular game. [19659007] 8- Accusations of racism

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump

In 1973, Trump and his father were sued by the Department of Justice for refusing to rent to black people . Although Trump never admitted to committing any crime, he was forced to sign an agreement in which he would not discriminate against black people in the future.

In the 1980s, two Trump casinos were sued for expelling two people Black while playing. One of the casino was convicted and fined

9- Defender of conspiracy theories

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump
The Daily Beast

One of the basic skills a president should have is the ability to distinguish between the real world and the paranoid theories circulating on the Internet. Surprisingly, Donald Trump does not reach the approved in this regard.

It is known throughout the world that Trump believed for a long time in the theory that he argued that Obama had not been born in the United States. He has also claimed that climate change is a Chinese conspiracy to undermine American industries, that vaccines produce autism in children, that Ted Cruz's father murdered JFK, and Judge Antonin Scalia was killed.

In the best Of the cases, these beliefs show that Trump is exceptionally naive. In the worst case, they show that it is unbalanced.

10- Suspicious links with Vladimir Putin

 The 10 darkest secrets of Donald J. Trump

Trump has praised Vladimir Putin describing him as a strong leader, hinted that Obama should be more like him, and asked the Kremlin to hack Hillary's emails. During the time when Trump was raving about Putin, his campaign manager was Paul Manafort, someone who pocketed huge sums of money from regimes backed by Russia.

And those are not the only links that lead directly to Putin's inner circle, somehow it seems that Trump is intimately connected with Putin's Russia. What will the future hold?

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