Talasophobia, the persistent fear that most people have and that we probably do not know

There are many phobias in the world but every once in a while a new one appears that we have never heard of before. That's when you ask yourself: do I have this phobia? It is very likely to suffer phobias like arachnophobia or claustrophobia, however there is another very common that has been the basis of many movie plots: thalassophobia .

Surely some Once you have gone to the beach, you have bathed in the sea and suddenly you have started to float to avoid stepping on a crab or a fish. You end up submerging yourself in the water completely but you feel a certain feeling of anxiety. This happens when you have this phobia that consists of the persistent fear of the immensity of the great bodies of water . It has a lot to do with the unknown.

 Talasophobia, the persistent fear that most people have and that we probably do not know.

Normally you experience it for the first time when you are a child and you are swimming in a pool. You start looking at the depth and you're afraid that there are threatening creatures waiting for you. It is clear that it is an irrational fear, since it is impossible for a shark to be in a pool, but your heart keeps coming out of your chest.

Probably at this moment you think you have thalassophobia, but you should not panic … Most people suffer from this phobia. Many people have their disturbing experiences online, and many of them are associated with the fear of that overwhelming blue that travels miles and miles of the sea.

 Talasophobia, the persistent fear that most of people we have and that we probably do not know

In summary, it is a fear of the sensation of not knowing what is under the feet and of insecurity in the water. We know that the content that is in the depth of the sea is a complete mystery and that there is still much to know, but you have to be calm because the dangerous species is not normal to reach the areas of bathers on the shore.

Did you imagine Did you have this phobia? Are you one of those who gets hysterical when you see yourself in the middle of the ocean?

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