Scientists say that vegetables hear when you eat them.

The pleasures of a salad are countless and also make your body feel great. They contain numerous nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for our body. It is also about a very fresh and light dish which feels good to everyone and which we recommend taking frequently here.

 Scientists say that vegetables hear when you eat them.

Vegetarians love it because in this way they do not eat meat. They also like to brag about eating what they do not feel or suffer do not they?

 Scientists say that vegetables hear when you eat them.

It seems that recent studies of the University of Missouri reveal that plants can not only feel when you eat them, but also suggest they can " hear ."

How is that possible?

Pay attention to vegetable lovers . New evidence shows that you should look at your salad bowl with more empathy .

 Scientists claim that vegetables hear when you eat them.

The foundation of this study is based on the reaction that plants have to different noises.

"We have discovered that 'the sound of chewing', alters the metabolism of plant cells, generating chemical defensive substances that they repel the attack of insects. "

Their first tests consisted of placing caterpillars on plants to feed them.

They recorded the chewing sounds that produced the caterpillars and reproduced them in a group of vegetables while others of the vegetables were not exposed to the noise.

 Scientists assure that the vegetables hear when you eat them.

When replacing the caterpillars in both vegetables, they covered that those that had been exposed to the sound had produced more mustard oil, which definitely does not like the caterpillars.

This showed that the plants are able to perceive when they are eaten and defend

While this proves that plants respond to external stimuli and are capable of responding to threatening situations such as animals, much remains to be learned from how they detect these vibrations .

 Scientists ensure that vegetables hear when you eat them.

Beyond making you feel bad when eating a salad, these new tests will help avoid the use of pesticides to prevent crops from being decimated by pests. [19659008] Now it will only take a cassette tape with the sound of caterpillars eating so that plants prepare for war.

 Scientists say that vegetables hear when you eat them. [19659] 026] Flickr </a></figcaption></figure>
<p style= Do you think plants can feel? Do they defend themselves like us against an attack?

Share this incredible discovery and you will not see a cabbage again in the same way.

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