Rescue this little bat. When you see the video you can not stop laughing

Bats do not usually appear in the "adorable" category. Quite the contrary, it usually comes to mind a superhero or surely the typical vampires.

This small bat was rescued in Australia. She barely clung with all her strength to life when her rescuers found her. Soon they realized that she was pregnant and they went to work and try to improve with all their energies the physical form of the little bat during the next six weeks. Of course, that meant giving him lots of delicious treats …

Many of you who watch this video will wonder how it is possible that after seeing this, it is probably not a good Go out and get a little bat friend for yourself. The reality is that these curious animals need the freedom of the wild life, having them locked up at home would be a cruelty, but at least we can still enjoy their sweet faces on our monitors.

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