Rescue a snake trapped in the ear of a woman

This friendly snake, named Bart, found herself in a somewhat uncomfortable situation recently after being trapped in a too-narrow hole. But, as we are going to see, she did not face this situation alone.

Although it is shocking and not very credible, that too narrow opening was the hole in the lobe of a woman's ear .

This lover and owner of reptiles, is the owner of Bart, Ashley Glawe of Portland, Oregon. This girl, like many other young people, has dilated ears, and although these piercings are usually intended for jewelry items, it seems that she did not realize that another occupant could be interested in such holes.

As Ashley said in a Facebook post, she was playing with Bart when she saw the hole and decided to slide through his body until he reached it.

"Everything happened so fast that before I knew what was happening, it was too late," he wrote.

And that's how poor Bart got stuck.

 Rescue a snake trapped in a woman's ear

The snake got stuck so tight, Ashley was afraid to hurt her trying to take it out Therefore, he did the right thing for both of them and went to the emergency room to the hospital.

Waiting for the problem to be solved, Ashley took some photos to share with her friends, because otherwise They would have believed him. He even created a hastag: #SnakeStuckinEarlobe (#Snack Snake on theorem's ear)

Hopefully it does not have to be used again!

 Rescue a snake trapped in a woman's ear

Fortunately, Ashley He reported that the medical staff was able to successfully remove the snake.

"They numbed my ear, stretched it more, and lubricated it until I got it out without cutting off my ear," he wrote. "THANK GOD!"

Hopefully both of you have learned the lesson and this kind of thing does not happen again.

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] Cover image: Facebook
Source: thedodo

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