Police arrive to investigate why an elderly couple was crying after hearing screams

The Rome police prepared dinner for an elderly couple who complained of feeling very lonely.

Four police officers responded to a complaint of screaming and crying in an apartment block. When they arrived, they found an 84-year-old lady named Jole and her husband Michelle of 94, in their small apartment. No crime had been committed, the couple was just watching TV and they started crying.

 Police arrive to investigate why an elderly couple was crying after hearing some shouting
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They had been watching the news, and Jole asked Michele why there was so much hate in the world. Apparently, the two began to cry heavily, the neighbors heard them and called the police.

The couple had been married for nearly 70 years. They told the police how alone they felt, since nobody was going to visit them and their only connection to the outside world was through television.

It was then that the police decided to prepare dinner for them, a simple dish of spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese. The officers sat down with the old couple and had a pleasant conversation.

 Police arrive to investigate why an elderly couple cried after hearing shouts
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Rome police shared the tender story on his Facebook page, and the publication went viral.

"I am from Rome and I am very happy to know that in my city there are policemen like those who have starred in this beautiful story," one user wrote.

Other He added, "When I read things like this, I tend to re-evaluate the way I behave towards life. I have to be a better person, worry more and not be so self-absorbed. "

The police say that once they entered the apartment and saw that no crime had been committed, they realized that their only mission was to contribute to this elderly couple a little warm and warm.

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