Pituco, the dog that has learned to go shopping alone to buy his own food

Our canine companions love us for what we are, but at least part of what makes us so endearing to them is the simple fact that we control the goodies, that tasty badge on which they are built dog-human relations.

Evidently, however, a dog very intelligent called Pituco has discovered a way to separate us from its equation

 Pituco, the dog that has learned to go shopping alone to buy his own food

Pituco lives in the city of Paraí, Brazil, where he established a rather ingenious routine. Instead of lowering himself to the level of most dogs to "win" a treat by being obedient, he has realized that he can go and fetch them himself .

Almost every day, travels alone from his home to the nearest veterinary clinic Agro Pet, which also has pet food and a food store.

That's where he takes everything he needs and transports it back to his home

He has been doing this routine for quite some time but he does not have the freedom that Pituco thinks he has. The store writes down everything it takes in an account that the family must then pay.

"Everybody knows Pituco," said Agro Pet's veterinarian. "Your food is on the top shelf, so we have to give it to you. He barks until we do. "

Although Pituco is clearly an independent dog and does not just think about himself . Sometimes, her family calls the store ahead of time to ask for cat food or birdseed for her other pets, which, when delivered, Pituco happily takes them home.

It's wonderful to see what they are capable of dogs. What did you think of this story? Had you seen something similar before? Post your impressions in the comments section!

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