Millie the farmer decides to adopt a baby squirrel

How do you think animals learn to be compassionate ? Where do you think they learn this type of behavior? While many people think that, basically, animals are compassionate by nature, I believe that apart from that, the family with which they live has a key role in establishing the animal's feelings. Do not you think so?

A clear example of them is: if a dog has been trained to bite, it will bite; on the contrary, a dog that has grown up surrounded by love and that has been trained to love, will be loving with everyone that he relates to, right?

 Millie the farmer decides to adopt a baby squirrel

This family has done an incredible job in training their farmer, called Millie. This affectionate bitch has surprised all the members of her family as well as all the animal lovers in the world !

Millie's family found herself squirrel abandoned on the ground, and after failing to find his mother, Millie decided to take care of him until he was strong enough to be able to return to his natural habitat

Do not miss the following video where you can see the reaction of Millie when she discovered the little squirrel, it's just adorable !

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