Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac OSX is now available

Half a decade after the last big update of Office for Mac, Microsoft's famous productivity and office suite finally comes back with a new "Retina" redesign, modern code and a series of new features, and is available as a free, public trial version today.

While Gates and Ballmer focused on destroying their rivals, Staya Nadella seems to believe that Microsoft can win, even when it loses.

] The first sign of that came in March, with the arrival of Office for iPad. That launch was undoubtedly a great event, there is a large number of users who remain loyal to Microsoft because of Office, and having kept the tablet versions inside the house would have given Surface a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive business market. .

However, the battle continues today as Microsoft released the first preview of Office 2016 for Mac, with a complete redesign of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Outlook that brings the old war horses to the modern age .

Welcome to the new Microsoft with Office 2016

Office 2016 for Mac gets a much nicer design than its predecessor. The user interface fits perfectly with Yosemite, including Retina graphics and support for full-screen mode, despite not having that iOsera identity like the iPad versions.

While they may not look the same, the Apps for iOS and Mac share much of the code. None of the resources invested in the iPad version were in vain, making this particularly evident when looking at the Powerpoint Presentation view.

The work for developers has been greatly facilitated by achieving that close relationship between iOS and OSX.

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Cloud connectivity is one of the strengths of Microsoft's strategy that led the company to create new customers for iOS and Mac, and for users who frequently change platforms will be surprised to see that not only documents are synchronized, but also allow small interactions that make things easier.

An example can be in the window opening. Following the example of its mobile brothers, the new Office 2016 for Mac applications have a new "Recent" tab that suggests the files recently opened by users regardless of the platform they were created on, edit a document in Word for iPad, and it will appear at the top of the list in Word for Mac.

The cloud also improves collaboration. Office 2016 users can invite their colleagues to edit Word and Powerpoint documents together, spreading changes between clients in near real time, and editing comments let you track who is doing what most easily.

Style sheet users will be happy to know that Excel 2016 for Mac supports Excel 2013 features, and other unique features of Windows. The new version also adds support for Windows keyboard shortcuts, although you can still use old Mac specs if you wish.

Unfortunately, however, Excel for Mac is still not very much on par with your Windows opponent, some of the features that we would like to see as Quick Analysis are still not available.

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What's next?

The public trial version of Office 2016 is available for download now and users will not need an Office 365 subscription during the evaluation period . It's just that, a previous version, but Microsoft is very interested in getting information from consumers to try it out.

To this end, each of the Office 2016 applications includes a system for users to send congratulations or criticism from customers about the applications.

In short, Office 2016 for Mac is a pretty impressive demonstration. It may never have disappeared completely, but after years of neglect, Microsoft is again very present on Mac.

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