Marines of the Navy sing songs Jersey Boys

Men and women who defend freedom by serving in the army are a really tough group. They are in very good physical shape, and maintain a very professional and respectable appearance. But, Did you know that they also have a musical side?

The United States Navy band consists of six groups, one of which is called "The Sea Chanters" (the singers of the ocean ), which you will be able to see in this incredible video.

With its wide range of singers and musicians, the Navy Band has great confidence in its ability to interpret any style of music in all scenarios.

According to its website, the Navy believes that its band "inspires patriotism, elevates the spirit, preserves the country's musical heritage, and projects a positive image of the country abroad."

If you mentioned this band to someone with A poorly trained ear could assume that it is a lot of trumpets and drums, but not much more. However, that could not be further from reality.

While the band can interpret traditional songs for important ceremonies, they also know how to "let go of the ponytail" and entertain when the situation calls for it.

video, has the "Sea Chanters" playing a medley of songs by the Jersey Boys. These songs, original by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, represent a moment of romance and nostalgia in the history of America. When you hear it, it is practically impossible not to see yourself transported to the 60s. We hope you enjoy this wonderful performance!

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