Man fed two hungry children, when the bill came …

Love and compassion are needs, not luxuries. Without them, humanity can not survive – Dalai Lama

True compassion is hard to put into practice in our lives, but it's worth it. And if we witness those acts in our environment, we must make them known.

A Kerala man named Akhilesh Kumar, fed a boy and his homeless sister who looked hungry while waiting for their food in a small hotel in Malappuram.

 He fed two Street Children who were Hungry. You will not believe what happened when ...

There are few occasions in which we find people who perform good deeds without expecting anything in return, so when we learn stories like these they deserve to be shared with the world.

Akhilesh Kumar published this story on his Facebook account, but he did not know that it would have so much impact on social networks, where it started to quickly viralize.

And this is what happened:

Akhilesh was in a small hotel to the south of India called Sabrina, in the city of Malappuram, Kerala.

He ordered something for dinner and went to sit at a table by the window. But then he realized that there was a horrible looking little boy who was standing outside, looking out the window.

When he saw him, he waved him in to enter. His little sister also went in with him.

 He fed two Street Children who were Hungry. You will not believe what happened when ...

The children looked very scruffy and looked hungry. When they reached the table, the man asked them if they were hungry and told them what they wanted to eat. They both pointed to the plate that Akhilesh had on the table.

When the food arrived, the boy and his sister could not contain the emotion and began to cry, but her little sister tried to reassure them and reminded her brother that before they had to wash their hands.

The boys ate what Akhilesh had asked them and they did not leave a piece of food while the man watched them intently. When they finished, they said goodbye to him, really grateful for what he had done for them.

Akhilesh had not touched his food, but he was already satisfied.

When he finally finished his plate he asked for the bill, but something unexpected happened. 19659018] He fed two Street Children who were Hungry. You will not believe what happened when … ” width=”640″ height=”802″ srcset=”×912.jpg 728w,×872.jpg 696w, 766w” sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px”/>

When the waiters brought him the bill, he was so surprised that he could not hold back the tears, getting very excited.

There was no money in the account, but it carried the following written message:

"We do not have a machine that can charge humanity. May good things be with you "

Is not it really fascinating? It seems that instant karma does exist …

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