Learn anything in just 20 hours with the Kaufman method

There's probably a long list of things you want to learn and do but for which you do not have time. Josh Kaufman describes himself as a learning addict and is the author of The Personal MBA. Josh has had an idea to help: What could you learn if you invested just 20 hours to try to acquire a new activity ?

In his new book The First 20 Hours, Kaufman describes his new experiment on the time of learning. He narrates his experiences learning yoga postures, computer programming, windsurfing, the ancient Chinese board game "Go", touch typing and playing the ukulele.

 You can learn anything in just 20 hours with Josh's method Kaufman.
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This goes against the successful book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell in which he states that the minimum time required to master any topic is 10,000 hours. The rule has recently become a traditional wisdom spread by TED speakers, intellectuals and even hip hop artist, Macklemore.

"Ten thousand hours equals 8 hours of practice every day for 3 years without cuts . There's no weekend or vacation, "Kaufman writes about the previous rule.

If you're not interested in learning at an expert level, you'll only need a systematic practice of one hour a day for a month.

The real challenge behind the fast learning is to overcome the initial challenge of "beginner mind", which consists of the frustration that occurs when you are learning something new and does not come out as natural as we expected.

 You can learn anything in just 20 hours with the method of Josh Kaufman.

Then we leave you the four steps of the Kaufman method that you must follow.

1- Fragment the skill.

We must determine what we need to reach a level acceptable without having to be an expert. All abilities can be fragmented into small abilities. We must focus on the strictly necessary. For example, if you want to learn to play a musical instrument, knowing only some chords can give you access to a lot of songs. Or if you want to learn a new language, with the 2,000 most common words you will have 80% coverage of the language.

2- Learn enough to be able to self-correct.

Use reference materials that allow you to learn enough to know when you make a mistake and thus be able to correct it. We must do a compilation of information focused on the small skills that we mentioned before. You do not have to spend hours and hours reading. This phase should not be used to delay the beginning of the practice.

 You can learn anything in just 20 hours with the method of Josh Kaufman.

3- Remove the barriers that do not allow us practice

In this step we must identify and eliminate anything that distracts us from our purpose and does not allow us to focus on the skill we want to learn. Stay away from television, the internet or mobile phone. If you have a will, you will have more chances to get it.

4- Practice at least 20 hours.

Do it. Although it sounds repeated, you must complete the 20 hours of training. Put strength of will in what you do and you will achieve it. Do not give up. Ultimately 20 hours is only 40 minutes a day for a month.

Kaufman explains why he is interested in quick learning: "I do not have much time, but I am willing to invest the little I have as wisely as possible."

Here is the video where Kaufman tells us his method

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