Kelly Clarkson returns to "American Idol" with a very emotional performance

In an emotional return to the final season of the program that made her a star, the first winner of "American Idol" Kelly Clarkson returns with an emotional performance of "Piece by Piece", a song that tells how she felt she is abandoned by her father at age 6, while celebrating the dedicated fatherhood of her husband, Brandon Blackstock.

"The song, it's crazy. I imagine that after this incredible performance, either you are crying or you need to check your pulse, "was what Judge Keith Urban told" Entertainment Tonight "after the performance. "It's an amazing song." Urban, father of two girls he cares for alone, seemed more excited than anyone, with red eyes and tears running down his face.

 Kelly Clarkson returns to

Clarkson, who needed Regain the composure a couple of times during the performance, explained while host Ryan Seacrest was on stage to embrace the superstar: "I'm pregnant and my hormones are very revolutionized." The idol told throughout the night that she was a few weeks away from giving birth to her son, who will soon join her 1-year-old sister, River Rose, and her stepbrothers Savannah and Seth.

After receiving a huge applause and the crowd calming down after chanting his name, Clarkson continued explaining his emotional reaction and compared it to his performance on the night he won the contest.

 Kelly Clarkson returns to ]

This impressive song closed a nostalgic night about Clarkson's participation in the competition and his successful career after his victory. She also acted as a guest judge to choose the top 10 finalists this season, providing suggestions and, sometimes, jumping from her seat to celebrate the performances of the contestants.

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(Proceed until minute 0:19 to see the performance directly)

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