It was removed from the family nucleus at 10 years old. Over time he discovered who his true mother had been

When I was 10 years old, without giving us too many explanations, my older sister and I went away from the home where I lived together with my other three brothers and my parents.

During the first year, the new The family with whom we now lived allowed us to visit our family from time to time for a few hours. Over time, my other brothers were also snatched from my old home and taken to other shelters. Two of them were adopted permanently by one family and the other was taken to an orphanage until they could find a place to live for a long time. We were all told to forget our family because we would never see her again.

 She was removed from the family at 10 years old. He eventually discovered who his real mother had been

It was not until I turned 18 that I understood the strange puzzle that was all those facts that had marked my childhood . That year, after locating two of my brothers, I embarked on a journey of more than 2,500 kilometers with the aim of being able to meet them again and find out what had happened to their lives.

Fate wanted that during that trip a night in the house of one of my aunts. It was about Aunt Bobby, a sister of my mother who lived in Arizona. Although at that time I did not have much relation with my aunt, I never had it really, the force that moved me in that trip was the objective of reencontrarme with my family, so when she invited me to spend a night in her house I asked myself Why not?

My aunt spent the whole night talking about my mother, about the mother I never really knew. For some reason I opened my heart to her and told her the feeling of frustration, abandonment, rejection and confusion that I felt as a result of the separation from the family. I told him about how my sister and I loved and despised my mother at the same time without really knowing why.

 She was removed from the family at 10 years old. He eventually discovered who his real mother had been

"Your mother had mental problems ," my aunt Bobby began to tell me. "She was the oldest of two twins, unfortunately, her twin sister died during childbirth and your mother, although she survived, suffered some mild brain damage. The doctors told our parents that she would never reach a mental maturity greater than that of a twelve-year-old girl. Your grandmother, our mother, at first denied everything the doctors told her, but over time she only had to learn how to deal with it. "

Seeing my reaction to the story she had just told me, my aunt Bobby He hugged and continued.

"Your grandmother tried to protect her in the best way she could, unfortunately she died at an early age, so your mother was in our charge. Despite our effort, she was constantly used and humiliated because of her mental disability. He came to be with three men with whom he had eight children, all of them taken from his arms with time.

Even at work they also took advantage of her. I worked for 18 or 20 hours in a laundry for less than the minimum wage allowed. People always made fun of her, the humiliations were normal in your mother's life. He could never drive a car, so he always walked everywhere.

His children were left unattended at home for hours. But, even with his limited capacity he managed to raise his eight children with his effort. She loved you with all her heart and gave you everything that was in her hand, even if everything was in vain. Your father was an alcoholic and rarely managed to keep a job. I physically abused your mother and some of your brothers, so the authorities decided to take you all to places where you could enjoy a decent life. Despite all the efforts that your mother made, she lost her children irretrievably. "

 She was removed from the family nucleus at age 10. He eventually discovered who his real mother had been

After hearing that story I stayed in shock . It was the first time someone told me about my mother's true story. Why had nobody told me any of this before? I could have been kinder to my mother, I could have understood if someone had told me about this before. I was really furious, however, after the fury I felt a great sense of grief. Suddenly some memories in the form of flashbacks came to my memory.

Many times I cried out to my mother very cruel things. "You are silly. Why are not you like the mothers of my friends? " I remember being embarrassed by the way my mother talked or the way she dressed. I was ashamed that I could hardly write or read. I remember that I did not like being seen with her, we went to church every Sunday, and I remember how there I always avoided sitting next to her. I felt terrible. After that revelation I could barely speak, the breathing became painful for me. How did I not notice before? Why did I behave like that?

Aunt Bobby hugged me again like a baby. Little by little the pain was disappearing and I was able to think again, breathe and stop crying. I cried all these years ago while blaming my mother for all the problems she had caused me. Now I cried for all the pain and problems that my mother had to face to take care of us. Now I cried for me and my brothers who never knew the immense love our mother had for us.

I cried because I knew there were no second chances to thank her for all her effort and affection.

"I would like you to understand this. Your mother always loved you. Due to his disability he never held any kind of grudge. She was able to see kindness in all people. All the problems, pain and shadows were forgotten by your mother who only kept the good things in her memory . Who knows if with all resources that exist today everything would have been different for your mother. Even so, she continued with her life, loving her children and knowing that she had been blessed with 8 beautiful children that could never be erased from her heart, "Aunt Bobby told me before saying good night.

 She was taken away of the family nucleus at 10 years old. He eventually discovered who his real mother had been

Many things have happened since I turned 18 until today. Since then I got to join with all my brothers, and fortunately we have strengthened ties with the passing of the years. I got married and had three beautiful children that I raised on my own and that have blessed me with thirteen grandchildren. And most importantly, I could be next to my mother during her last moments of life. Luckily I was able to locate my mother and thank her for everything she had done for us and for all the love she gave us until the last moment. In the end I realized that I was wrong, yes there are second chances.

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