Incredible illustrations of true love in the details

The artist " Puuung " captures those little moments in which true love becomes the protagonist of these incredible illustrations. In relationships as a couple, it is these small day-to-day interactions that define and reinforce love, being much more important than grand gestures, so basically, never forget the little details.

"Love is something with which any person can feel identified. And Love appears in ways that can go unnoticed in our daily life. That is why I try to find the meaning of love in that day to day and turn it into art, "says Puuung on Facebook.

In short, love is in the details, and after having seen the following drawings every time we are more convinced of them.

Do not miss the following list of incredible images that we leave you below. What illustration captures for you better what love means?

True love is …

Embrace without having a specific reason

 True love is in the small details ...

your loved one with a blanket when he has fallen asleep

 The real love is in the little details ...

End up asleep anywhere embraced

 True love is in the little details ...

] Cooking and preparing food together
 True love is in the small details ...

Staying up late watching an incredible movie

 True love is in the little details ...

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