I was walking down the street when the Boys in White appeared … UNSUPERABLE!

Love is in the air. Valentine's Day has arrived and love is in the air .

There are many ways to show your romantic side to that special someone – flowers, candy, a romantic dinner or even a nice walk while you take your hands One of our favorites, are the old-fashioned serenades.

What's more romantic than a beautiful song? Singing is something that transmits a quantity of feelings that can not be replaced by other things, and even if you are not the most graceful musically, you should try.

If music can calm the most dangerous beasts, at least it is guaranteed that you will be able to Earn a few points with your beloved partner.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have that special someone in their life this time of year. Speaking from personal experience, being single on Valentine's Day can be a bit depressing, although there is always that joy of knowing that on February 15th you will be able to swell all that large amount of chocolate that has not been sold at 70% discount … There are always other ways to find happiness.

Maybe, to make those people who are alone on this special day, the Youtuber Stuart Edge decided to meet some friends and make this fantastic video surprising some of them "Innocent victims"

Dressed in shiny white shirts, Stuart and his team go in search of random solitary ladies to surprise them with a romantic serenade to melt their hearts (and make them feel a bit embarrassed in front of their friends)

They even give out some beautiful roses! While some are a little shocked by the situation, most seemed to enjoy the most of the moment with a gigantic smile and his rose in his hand.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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