How to Peel a Hard Egg in ONLY 5 Seconds

Peeling a hard-boiled egg is not a complicated task, but it can become too tedious. But with this fantastic trick, it will become a very fast and simple job. Do you want to make a dish whose main ingredient is boiled eggs? Well you will not have to throw more than 20 minutes peeling a dozen eggs ever again.

 Trick: How to Peel a Hard Egg in ONLY 5 Seconds

MicahMedia shows us how we can perform this fantastic trick to peel a hard boiled egg just 5 seconds and in a very simple way:

The video shows a person in front of a sink. What it does is place the boiled egg inside a glass cup and then add a little water to cover half the egg.

Then put the palm of your hand over the glass to cover it with your fingers, and use his thumb to hold the base of the glass.

Then what you have to do is shake the glass vigorously for about three seconds. When you remove the hand, the shell of the egg will be completely loose and you can easily remove it.

After watching the video, many people have commented how easy and fast it has now become task of peeling a hard boiled egg with this simple trick, in addition they comment other tricks like adding sodium bicarbonate to the water before boiling the egg.

What do you think about this fantastic trick? Do you know any other method to make the task of peeling cooked eggs easier? You can leave us your opinion in the comments.

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