How to lose weight by giving yourself a simple hot water bath

Recent research by the University of Loughborough in the United Kingdom has shown that giving you a hot water bath can have effects very similar to those of exercise for the body.

They studied a small group of men for determine the effects of taking a one-hour bath at 40 degrees compared to riding a bike during those 60 minutes.

As expected, riding a bicycle burns more calories, but the men who took the bath burned 140 calories during the course of the hour, approximately the same as if they had walked for half an hour. In addition, they observed that they had lower levels of blood sugar during the 24 hours after the test.

 How to lose weight by giving you a simple hot water bath

Benefits have been studied in many cultures relaxing of taking a bath, but to this is added the fact that the water is at a very high temperature, which produces an effect very similar to that of a sauna.

This bathing mode has been compared with the increase of body temperature caused by prolonged physical activity and it has been seen that improves cardiovascular functions reduces high blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to prevent infections and Diseases.

 How to lose weight by giving yourself a simple bath of hot water
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This is great news for lovers of baths and even pair to the laziest people who find it difficult to go to the gym frequently. Do not think that giving you a bath of hot water every day will make you lose those extra kilos but less than a stone.

Also, people who for some specific reason can not go to the gym one day, they already have the perfect substitute, and people who suffer from type 2 diabetes and who must control their weight, already know that they can complement the exercise with hot water baths.

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