How to Grow Your Own Bonsai from a Seed

The seeds of Bonsai, in Japanese: "Misho"

Growing a Bonsai from some seeds can be a very rewarding task and allows you to achieve total control from the first stages. Although it takes a long time (at least three years) before you have a tree to start working with, this is the only way to grow a Bonsai correctly from the beginning.

 How to Grow Your Own Bonsai Starting from a Seed

First of all, you need the seeds . You can get them from the trees you can find around you or you can buy them in a store. Note that there are no "special seeds for Bonsai", since Bonsai are created from normal trees.

If you get seeds from a tree in your area, you can plant them in the fall. However, if you decide to do it out of season (in spring for example) or you want to grow seeds of trees that are not from your climate, you may need a process called "stratification".

This consists of treating the seeds to simulate the natural conditions of winter that must pass before germinating. For beginners it can be a little complicated, so it is advisable to look for tree species that are suitable for your climate .

Here is a short video that explains the process (You can activate the subtitles in Spanish):

How to grow a Bonsai tree from a seed?


You can get them from the trees that grow in your area. Seeds like chestnuts and acorns are very common in forests. The seeds of conifers can be found inside the pineapples. Once you take those pineapples, you should keep them in a warm place so that they release the seeds. And then you have all the variety you want through the different specialized stores.


The best time to sow the seeds is autumn, in this way you will follow the calendar of the mother herself and the young women plants will have all summer to grow after germinating in spring.


Plan to plant Bonsai seeds step by step:

Choose a pot about 15cm deep with a hole for drainage

The base layer (about ¼ of the pot) should consist of fine gravel and akadama (a kind of clay you can buy in specialty stores) in a half and half proportion.

 How to Grow Your Own Bonsai from a Seed

On this layer, put akadama, fine gravel and compost, all mixed in a ratio of ½, ¼ and ¼. This layer should cover the pot up to about 3cm from the edge of it
 How to Grow Your Own Bonsai from a Seed

Add the seeds on the ground and separate them about 2-5cm depending on their size

 How to Grow Your Own Bonsai from a Seed

Cover the seeds with the same mixture used in the third step

 How to Grow Your Own Bonsai from of a Seed

Pour a considerable amount of water, but try not to remove the surface of the earth.

And then?

Put the pot outside in a lighted place and keep it moist . During the spring the seeds will germinate, not replant the small plants until the following spring. You can start using small amounts of fertilizer during the summer. After a year the small plants can be separated and planted in larger pots. It will take three years before submitting them to their first training.

From Bonsai seedling

Once you have managed to grow small seed trees, the next step is to train the small seedlings over the years to that they become true Bonsai trees. This will test your patience, but it is really rewarding.

 How to Grow Your Own Bonsai from a Seed

Bonsai from Cryptomeria Years 1, 2 and 3

 How to Grow Your Own Bonsai from a Seed

Bonsai from Cryptomeria with 4, 10 and 17 years old.

What do you think of the fantastic art of Bonsai? Do you dare to start yours?

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