His Son was Posing with an Unknown, but then his Mother noticed his eyes …

Chase was only two years old when he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain cancer called CPC. He underwent surgery, six months of chemotherapy and two months of radiotherapy. After the treatment, her mother Angel was delighted to see that her son could go back to school, make friends and simply enjoy life as a child.

However, two years after the treatment, doctors found another tumor. It has been a horrible battle since then, but Chase is still strong, friendly and fun despite everything.

Recently, Angela took Chase and her sister to a famous electronics store in Tucson, Arizona. Chase was doing her homework at one of the tables while Angela was having a conversation with one of the store associates. Out of the corner of his eye, he realized that another employee was talking to his son Chase. She did not pay much attention, but a few minutes later, the store manager approached her and said "Excuse me, I'd like to talk to you."

Angela's first thought was one of concern. With two small children, he supposed that some of them had got into trouble or had touched or broken something in the store. But the manager had been crying, his eyes were bathed in tears – and he had something to say to Angela and her son.

 His Son was Posing with an Unknown, but then his Mother noticed his eyes ... [19659006] "Please, share it with your friends: Today my children and I went to a famous device store in Tucson, Arizona. My son Chase was at one of the tables in the store doing his homework while I was talking to one of the employees. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that an employee named Vicki (to the right of the picture) was talking to my son Chase. </p>
<p style= I did not pay much attention, but then the manager Jason Greer (to the left of the picture) came and he said 'Excuse me', I thought I needed to talk to the boy I was with so I said 'Thanks for your help, and I was ready to leave' "

 His Son was Posing with an Unknown, but then his mother noticed his eyes ...

"But then the manager said, 'I really want to talk to you'. He caught me off guard, and as a mother of two I hoped he would not tell me that they had touched something they should not have broken a device in the store. Jason told me that Vicki had gone to the back of the tent, full of tears, to tell her about my son Chase.

She was telling him that he asked Chase what he was doing, and he replied 'Oh, I'm doing the duties of the school. I'm in first and should be in second, but since I've been in the hospital for a year with a brain cancer disease, I want to be able to move to the second year next year. '"

 His Son was Posing with an Unknown , but then his mother noticed his eyes ...

"Jason said that it's Chase's stories that make love their work because they love making a difference."

Jason asked me if I could Give something to Chase. I was still a little dazed, and I told him of course, of course. Then the manager gave an iPod to Vicki to give it to Chase. The tears were still falling from his eyes when he gave the gift to the boy.

Chase is a very shy boy, and he answered very quietly 'Is it really for me? thank you very much…'. What they did not know is that Chase is OBSESSED with weather and weather. It is one of the ways he has to get rid of the anxiety problems he has for his 'life in the hospital'. It is your way of knowing what will happen next. He also loves music (His favorite group is Queen). "

 His Son was Posing with an Unknown, but then his Mother noticed his eyes ...

" Chase has spent the whole night watching what time was saying on his new iPod, and singing non-stop 'We Will Rock You'. The guys at the store just made this one of our best weeks in a long time

When they gave this gift to my son, which is the most important thing in my life, despite the little importance that an electronic device really has, for my little one it meant something that goes much further. They made him a really happy child and now that he does not separate from his new iPod he does not stop enjoying it, which relieves me a lot because it allows him to have his mind distracted from the problems we have to face daily in the hospital … "[19659002] What do you think of the little surprise they gave little Chase? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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