Highway To Hell with Steve Vai Awesome!

Steve Vai has been considered as the best Rock guitarist in the world for many years.

In the video he appears, as in many occasions, signing records in a music store. Everything seems normal until two young people enter the premises and after choosing a pair of electric cellos, they are ready to try them.

They immediately call the attention of the fans that leave the virtuoso guitarist alone to the point that Steve Vai himself he is forced to join the duo by playing his guitar in an amazing version of AC / DC's Highway to Hell.

It's actually the official video of the duo's promotion of Slovenian-Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. These guys jumped to fame on YouTube with a version of Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson that went viral and in 2011 they were hired by Sony Masterworks with the stage name 2Cellos.

Music admits all kinds of fusions, of course, provided it is performed by good artists as is the case.

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