He gave the turn to this glass tank, and look what the fish do … FASCINATING!

We have seen many homemade DIY projects dedicated to dogs and cats, but rarely do we see creations that seek to improve the environment of the fantastic fish so that they are more comfortable and happy.

However, this is not the case "TCHelmut" who published this amazing "Observation Tower" for their beloved Koi fish. This way your beloved animals could "leave" the pond and have a complete view of everything that happens around your garden and pond.

You can see how a total of 20 koi carps swim vertically inside the tower until the higher. Some of them even spend hours swimming inside the column, to enjoy all the views.

Instead of the typical horizontal aquarium, this habitat for the koi is more of a kind of vertical tower-vantage point. This structure is full of water and is made of glass panels 1 centimeter thick.

Some call it an "anti-gravity" aquarium, while others refer to it as an "aquarium" without a bottom. Whatever it is, it's really fascinating!

It's amazing to see these fish swimming in the tank. They seem to enjoy their unique aquarium – and do not worry, since these Koi carps can swim in and out whenever they want, since the glass bowl is completely open at the base. The fish come and go as they please!

It's really impressive – and it's something I would love to have in my own garden.

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