Goliath, the Cow that has become the Dog of the House

Goliath is an 8-week-old cow, but you would never have guessed because of her strange behavior.

Goliath, who was a calf born sick on a dairy farm, was adopted and has grown up with the three dogs of the Shaylee Hubbs family, who live on a ranch in Danville, California, and now she is becoming famous with her funny images through social networks.

One of the dogs of the family, a Great Dane named Leonidas , created a great friendship with the newcomer just to meet her.

"He kept licking the little cow's face and trying to push her to stand up," Hubss told ABC News. "He would lie next to the sick little cow for hours to keep him company."

Hubss has been publishing the "dog-like" behavior that Goliath has been experiencing on social networks like Twitter .

] Not only has he copied the way dogs eat and drink from their containers, but he has also learned to make room on the sofa in the house!

https://twitter.com/shaysaprocky/status/659380846021840896/ photo / 1? ref_src = twsrc% 5Etfw

Hubbs said that she and her family are very happy with the care that Goliath is receiving, and that it is a beloved pet that has become a member of the family

And like every dog ​​… He loves being scratched!

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