Gag your dog with electrical tape and post it on Facebook

It seems that gagged dogs are inhumanly becoming more and more common. We already saw recently this case of mistreatment of a poor little dog, who was cruelly tied and caused serious damage.

Recently, a woman from Florida, posted on her Facebook page an image of her dog gagged with an insulating tape next to the description "This is what happens when you do not shut up !!"

This publication has been shared more than 200,000 times by people who are very angry at this situation, and have captured everyone's attention

 Gag your dog with electrical tape and post it on Facebook

When a friend commented on the picture to tell people he did not intend to harm the dog, Brown responded the following: "I can not say that I did it for 60 seconds. I got him to bark no more. "

The police department has claimed that they have received a large number of calls about this publication, including from people in Australia. Therefore they have published the following on their page:

The South Daytona Police are aware of the disturbing Facebook posting and photo by Katie Brown regarding her treatment …

Gepostet von City of South Daytona am Freitag, 27. November 2015

The authorities have determined that Brown is out of town because he is on vacation, and could not be found; They think that he took the photo and published it when he was there. "We have information that indicates that the dog is right now," and they assure that they will continue with the investigation when Brown returns.

 He gags his dog with electrical tape and posts it on Facebook

response to all furious comments, Brown wrote: "Do not go crazy, it was only a minute, but he has not barked since then … FINAL POINT !!!!" and refuses to delete the photo.  Gag his dog with tape and published on Facebook

When gagging a dog we eliminate its ability to breathe and breathe through the mouth, which will cause great anxiety and try to breathe faster, so it It could aggravate the situation. In addition, it is simply a completely ineffective way for the dog to stop barking.

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