Father forces his son to fight against a professional Boxer when he discovered that he was Bullying his teammates

Whatever you look at it, Bullying is something unacceptable and increasingly common in more places.

According to a report by The National Association of Education, there are around 160,000 adolescents who leave school every year because of bullying.

These poor students, although they are not at fault, constantly suffer its consequences. Some of them even drop out of school, or worse, some will carry that fear with them even as they grow older.

No parent wants that to happen to their children. But … What would happen if you suddenly discover that your own son is the one who bullying him or harasses other kids? How would you react to this situation and how would you help your child to stop that unacceptable and bad behavior?

 Father forces his son to fight against a professional Boxer when he discovered that he was Bullying his teammates

Apparently, this father think that the best remedy for bullying is to get your child to receive a dose of their own medicine.

Instead of just telling him not to do it again, this father wants his son to know what it feels like when you meet him completely helpless, when others hit you and push without being able to defend you. Therefore, this father took his son to a boxing ring, to fight professional boxers.

Do not miss what happened in the following video:

As you have just seen, the father made sure that the lesson was very clear to his son.

He first confronted his son against a very big boxer, who gave him a good beating. Clearly it was not a fair fight.

Later, the son had to fight against a fighter who was a little smaller than him. The teenager seemed a little more confident and aggressive this time. However, the advantage of its size did not mean much, especially due to the strong training of the professional athlete.

A lesson you will never forget

The video was published by FrogDaBarber on YouTube on July 5, 2015, and since then it has got more than 60000 visits.

As expected, the internet community was a bit divided over what they thought about this somewhat unusual method of discipline. Some congratulated him on his idea while others thought it was something very inappropriate.

What is your opinion about this news? Is this a good lesson against bullying or not?

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