Disney is preparing a Star Wars Theme Park

Walt Disney Co said that two plots of land, each measuring 5.6 hectares, are being built to incorporate attractions dedicated to "Star Wars" in its theme parks. California, Orlando, Anaheim, and Florida .

This new expansion will be the largest space ever devoted to a single theme, and will feature a new world planet of "Star Wars," said the president of Disney, Bob Iger, at the company's annual D23 Expo, held at Anaheim's Disney Park.

The world of "Star Wars" will present a new planet of the intergalactic science fiction universe created by George Lucas, just as it will with two attractions in which attendees can take control of the Millennium Falcon spaceship.

Iger also said that the Cantina, the known meeting point of smugglers of the saga, will be included Also in the new thematic spaces.

In the declarations Iger added that all the stores in the parks will be attended by the "local inhabitants", in other words, the actors will be characterized as extraterrestrials or androids. [19659007] Disney is preparing an impressive and new Star Wars Theme Park ” width=”692″ height=”346″/>

"This new expansion at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport visitors to a completely renovated Star Wars planet, which includes an epic adventure that will put you in the middle of a battle between the Republic and the Empire, "he added.

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