Discover with this simple test if you are an obsessive compulsive person

The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD is a psychiatric syndrome that is associated with anxiety disorders. It is a disorder that much of the population suffers without being aware of it, in fact the WHO has qualified it among one of the 5 most common psychiatric diseases.

Today we bring you a single test that will help determine if you have some degree of this disorder.

The symptoms of this disorder can develop at any age and most are related to obsessions of various types. One of the reasons why this disease is not so well known is that people who suffer from OCD are reluctant to disclose their symptoms.

 Discover with this simple test if you are an obsessive compulsive person
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No we know exactly what the origin of this disease is but it is believed that it is due to a series of biological and social factors that affect our behaviors. The main problem of this disorder is that being related to the anxiety can cause in the patient restlessness, worry and repetitive behaviors constantly.

One of the most common symptoms is to maintain repetitive behaviors, generally capricious, that is to say, the subject has to carry out a task following certain steps, in a stereotyped way, since if he does not follow them his anxiety grows. The behavior has no specific purpose other than to avoid a future event or reduce anxiety. Also highlight the obsessions and compulsions that cause discomfort if not followed and that affect daily life.

You can breathe easy, there are many degrees of this disorder so that if the test is positive there is a possibility that you do not have to worry much and you can continue with your normal life.

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