Discover which are the hottest places on the planet

Many of us love the summer with its beaches and its warm temperatures. We take out the tank tops and sandals and we welcome you to that nice season.

However, everything is not so nice. There are locations on the planet where the heat is extreme and therefore are not remembered with such fondness. Today we tell you the highest temperatures recorded in the hottest places in the world.

The 12 Hottest Places on Earth

1- Lut Desert, Iran

 The hottest places on the planet [19659006] Erik Albers / Wikimedia Commons </a></figcaption></figure>
<p style= It is the place with the highest temperatures of the entire planet. A maximum temperature of 70.7 degrees was recorded. It is obvious that this region is not inhabited.

2- Badlands, Australia

 The hottest places on the planet

This region is well known for its scorching temperatures during periods of drought . In 2003 temperatures of 69.3 degrees were recorded.

3- Flaming Mountains, China

 The hottest places on the planet
Zhanyoun / Wikimedia Commons

It lies on the edge of the Taklimakan desert and the Tian Shan Xinjuan mountain range. This mountain is known as the hottest point in China . The highest recorded temperature was in 2008 with 66.8 degrees.

4- Al-Aziziyah, Libya

 The hottest places on the planet

In 1992, it obtained the title of the hottest place on the planet since a temperature of 58 degrees was recorded. In 2012 it was stripped of this title but the temperature is still over 48 degrees in the middle of summer.

5- Death Valley, California, USA

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Rachot Moragraan / Wikimedia Commons

In 1913, it achieved the record for the highest temperature in history. It registered about 56.7 degrees that pushed the limits of human survival. Today it can reach 47 degrees and is a very dry place.

6- Rub'al Khali, Arabian Peninsula

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Nepenthes / Wikipedia

It is the largest sand desert in the world, occupying one third of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a hot and dry climate, reaching temperatures of 56.1 degrees.

7- Kebili, Tunisia

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Dr Bessrour Ridha / Google Maps

During the summer, it has a average maximum temperature of 40 degrees while the highest recorded temperature is 55.

8- Ghadames, Libya

 The hottest places on the planet
Robamler / Wikimedia Commons

It is a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its mud buildings that protect the inhabitants from the heat and are an icon for the city. It is an oasis that is known as "the pearl of the desert" . It has an average maximum temperature of 40 degrees but 55 were recorded.

9- Tirat Zvi, Israel

 The hottest places on the planet
Avishai Teicher / Wikimedia Commons

This area registered in June 1942 the highest temperature in Asia with 54ºC. The average maximum temperature is about 37 degrees.

10- Wadi Halfa, Sudan

 The hottest places on the planet
Bertramz / Wikimedia Commons

It is a city on the shores of Lake Nubia where it rarely rains. The highest temperature was 53 degrees in April 1967. Its hottest month is June with an average of 41 degrees.

11- Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran

 The hottest places on the planet [19659002] It's a pretty suffocating city. It reached a heat index, which is the one that combines air temperature and relative humidity, of 74 degrees in July 2015 . The highest actual temperature was 51 degrees.

12- Timbuktu, Mali

 The hottest places on the planet

It is the lowest temperature on the list. This city of the south of the Sahara is hot even in winter, reaching maximum temperatures of 30 degrees in January. The highest recorded was 49 degrees.

They are places where it would be very difficult to get used to living because of those temperatures that only Charmander could bear. So the next time you're going through the heat during the summer and start complaining, remember that you could be in a much worse place with hellish temperatures.

Do you know of any other case?

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