Discover perfectly preserved Lions of the Caverns

In an extraordinary and unprecedented discovery, paleontologists in Siberia have found the lions of the best preserved extinct caves ever seen to date. It was announced by The Siberian Times and the Yakutia Academy of Sciences on Monday.

 Discover Lions from the Prehistoric caves in the depths of Siberia

The two puppies, almost perfectly preserved and at least 10,000 years old, were found during the summer on the ice of the vastness of Yakutia, the largest and coldest region of the Russian Federation, almost half of which is the Arctic Circle.

"The discovery is sensational, without doubt "a source close to the discovery told The Siberian Times

 Discover Lions of Prehistoric caves in the depths of Siberia
Yakutia, Russia, surrounded in red (Google Maps)

So far, the face of the The lion of the caves, as you could see in prehistoric times, had never been seen before, reported the newspaper The Mirror.

Few details were published about the cave lions since the Yakutia Academy of Sciences intends to give an explanation of the discovery with many more details and photos in a presentation during November.

Previously, only some skulls, teeth, and cave lion bones had been found in Yakutia, preventing scientists to have a more accurate picture of these incredible extinct creatures.

Palaeontologists hope that this discovery can explain why species became extinct about 10,000 years ago. The Siberian Times published that one of the possible theories was the decrease of its main prey: the deer and bears of the caves.

 Discover Lions of the prehistoric caves in the depths of Siberia

next presentation to be held in November will include the famous woolly mammoth Yuka, the "Oimyakon" mammoth, the corpse of a kolyma woolly rhinoceros and bison and horses Yukagir, along with the cave lions.

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More information: The Siberian Times

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