Did you know that now you can determine the sex of the baby before conceiving it?

Can you imagine being able to know the sex of your baby before you even conceive it? It may not be entirely impossible according to science.

A new study suggests that it is possible to determine the sex of a baby even before it has been conceived.

While it is true that there have always been many stories and gossip that linked the possible sex of babies with cravings during pregnancy or the state of the moon on the day of conception, it turns out that this time they are scientists from Canada who believe they can predict the sex of babies because of a more accurate and reliable physiological marker than all previous stories. Maybe the secret that every pregnant woman would like to know is hidden in blood pressure .

Apparently, the researchers were immersed in a study in which they tried to find the causes that determine the proportion between boys and girls in a certain population when they discovered that, even weeks before the conception of the baby, the blood pressure levels of the woman could condition the sex of the baby.

The researchers observed that a high systolic blood pressure was related to childbirths whereas a lower blood pressure caused more girls to be born.

Could we be able to choose the sex of the baby?

 Did you know that you can now determine the sex of the baby before conceiving it?
Babycenter [19659009] Other studies carried out previously showed how times of wars or other very stressful events such as the great economic crises or natural disasters may affect the proportion of boys and girls born in a localized region. Although the reasons are not very clear, scientists suspect that the number of children increases during these times, since the fetuses could be stronger and have greater ability to overcome pregnancy.

This new study , directed by Dr. Ravi Retnakaran, and published in American Journal of Hypertension involved the follow-up of 1,411 women who planned to become pregnant. The study followed these women around 26 weeks before they became pregnant, resulting in 739 children and 672 girls after the births.

 Did you know that you can now determine the sex of the baby before conception?

After analyzing the age, education, tobacco consumption, BMI, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose in women, the results of the study revealed that those who gave birth to boys had a higher blood pressure systolic during the 26 weeks before becoming pregnant, while those with lower blood pressure were conducive to giving birth to girls.

"The study suggests that a woman's blood pressure before pregnancy is a factor previously not recognized that is associated with the probability of begetting a boy or a girl, "Retnakaran said in a statement. "This discovery may have implications for both reproductive planning and our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that affect the sex ratio in humans."

 Did you know that you can now determine the sex of the baby before conception?
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One of the most controversial implications of this discovery is whether women will be able to influence their baby's gender by deliberately raising or lowering their blood pressure, something that might be desirable in societies that favor birth. children.

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