Cold shower vs hot shower: Advantages and Disadvantages of each

Most people prefer to shower with hot water, especially on cold winter mornings. There is nothing that we hate more than to be giving us a relaxing shower with warm water, and suddenly we start to get cold water. Well, instead of getting angry, perhaps we should thank them, because cold water can be beneficial for our health .

 Cold shower vs hot shower: Advantages and Disadvantages of each
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Although we find it surprising, hot showers are not a necessity; but rather a luxury that everyone who tries does not want to leave anymore. In the first century BC, the Greeks invented water heating systems for public baths. However, they preferred to bathe with cold water, because of the benefits it has for health.

Does this mean that cold showers are better for health than hot showers ? The truth is that hot showers have many health benefits, but those of cold water even more.

Advantages of hot and cold water showers

Hot water shower

 Cold shower vs shower Hot: Advantages and Disadvantages of each
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Here are the main benefits you can get from a hot shower:

  • Relief from stiffness and muscle aches.
  • Steam of hot water helps clean the sinuses, so it can be very useful if you have a cold.
  • They are very effective if you want to get rid of the cold, especially after spending a day facing the cold outside.
  • Help eliminate stress, allowing the free brain plus oxytocin, a chemical that helps relieve anxiety and stress.

Cold water shower

 Cold shower vs hot shower: Advantages and Disadvantages of each
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Main benefits of showering with cold water:

  • Help burn fat thanks to the stimulation of calorie burning.
  • Showering with cold water after exercise can really boost recovery
  • It helps you get active in the mornings, like drinking a cup of coffee.
  • They can improve the immune system and even improve blood circulation.
  • Unlike hot showers, water Cold does not dry the skin. In fact it can help to improve it, since they can reduce the acne and even help that the pores close.
  • They are excellent for the hair and the scalp because they close the cuticles, reason why the dirt does not accumulate in them

Although sometimes you do not want a cool shower, especially in winter; The benefits they bring to your health may be worth it for that little bad drink.

Are you more for hot or cold showers? Did you know the benefits of each une

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