Can you find Gato Pedro in this kitchen?

We know that you like challenges, and that's why today we bring you a new challenge. Although this time we have not lost any naughty panda but a funny cat.

We already know them, if you have a cat at home you will know they have an enormous ability to disappear when you least you wait, they're like ninjas . And it is that they fit in every corner of the house! And when you've been looking for them for a while, they just appear, as if nothing had happened, so happy.

This American couple lives in a small apartment with two adorable kittens, and one of them – whose name is Pedro – hides so well that sometimes it is impossible to find him.

The other day it seems that he did one of his own again, and after looking in the cupboards, under the sofa, in the bathrooms … It turns out he was hiding in somewhere in the kitchen

Will you be able to find it too? Most people take a long time to get it! Share how many seconds you took to discover Pedro's hiding place and challenge your friends to find him!

Where is Pedro's cat in this kitchen?

 Can you find Pedro Gato hiding in this kitchen?

Here you have the famous cat, sunbathing on the terrace, so you know what you are looking for …

 Can you find Peter the Cat hiding in this Kitchen?

Still have not found it? Come on, try it again! …

Although if you're not able … here you have a clue

If you liked this new challenge, share it with your friends and challenge them to find Pedro! ?

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