Awesome handmade graduation dress revolutionizes the internet

Here we bring you the most impressive graduation dress you've ever seen.

 This girl's handmade graduation dress has revolutionized the internet

Kyemah McEntyre. This girl is at the same time the creator as well as the protagonist who wears this beautiful dress.

She is a former student of the School of Performing Arts at Cicely Tyson, of East Orange, New Jersey.

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And here we bring you a closer image What do you think?

The best thing is that this girl, in addition from being gorgeous she has completely designed her dress. Here you can see the sketch of the design.

"Remember all … Kyemah drew and designed her own dress"

McEntyre will attend to the School of Design of Parsons in autumn

"Being exposed to all kinds of people and cultures is the muse for my artistic creativity," the protagonist wrote on her Instagram page. "Never let anyone control you or define your personality. Everything good comes when you feel proud of yourself and your own work. "

Kyemah says she was very motivated when it came to designing her dress partly because she was harassed when she was younger during her time at school. [19659015] This is for being being labeled as, "ugly" or "angry". Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions. – Kyemah McEntyre✊🏾

– KYEMAH MCENTYRE (@KyeTheCreator) June 7, 2015

"This is forever tagging me with" ugly "or" pissed off " Thank God stereotypes are only opinions – Kyemah McEntyre.

And was our protagonist crowned Queen of Promotion in this magical number? You can bet that it was that way.

You may not have noticed, but in addition to that the whole internet has been revolutionized by the originality and beauty of the dress, One of the most successful points has been that the dress has pockets !

What did you think of this amazing dress? This girl has come out very brave and original daring with her own design, which is undoubtedly causing a stir on the internet and is winning a lot of criticism, both positive and negative.

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