Aladdin flies with his Magic Carpet through the streets of NY and people went crazy

A bit of magic never hurts in our lives, and this is what happened in the middle of Manhattan when a mysterious "Aladdin" crossed the streets flying in his Magic Carpet.

Created by Casey Neistat, the "magic carpet" "It is nothing more than a controlled scooter with a remote control transformed into the famous Disney carpet."

The character of Aladdin, dressed to perfection for the occasion in a very appropriate costume, flew through the streets of New York under the cries of amazement from people who were nearby, who could not believe that the carpet really levitase.

The idea was so successful that it has been repeated, this time in the city of San Francisco. But this time Aladdin seems like he will not be alone …

Here you can see a video of everything that happened behind the cameras during the filming and also how they created the magic carpet:

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