A version of Amazing Grace sung by Il Divo

Amazing Grace is a Christian hymn. It was written by the clergyman and poet John Newton and was published in 1779.

This song is about religious themes. Newton wrote the letter from his personal experience. It reflects the transformation he had to undergo: he went from being an exclaimed and foul-mouthed sailor to becoming a respected and beloved priest.

It has been performed by hundreds of artists as the gospel star Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin or Rod Stewart. Other more current versions were those of Susan Boyle, The Lemonheads or Jonatan Seara, producer of electronic music.

But the most remarkable version is that of Il Divo . This group is made up of the Spanish baritone Carlos Marín, the Swiss tenor Urs Bühler, the American tenor David Miller and the French pop singer Sébastien Izambard. Admittedly, versioning famous songs is one of the things that are very well given to these guys.

 A version of Amazing Grace sung by Il Divo

They dared this song and the interpretation they make is spectacular. Their voices complement each other in a wonderful way and even though you do not like this type of music, you are impressed to hear it.

 A version of Amazing Grace sung by Il Divo

The performance took place in the Pula Arena, in Croatia. They started with a solo part of the French Sébastien Izambard followed with the four voices in unison. In the middle of the performance we find the melody played by a solo bagpiper and later the four wonderful voices that get the crowd excited continue.

 A version of Amazing Grace sung by Il Divo

Their voices manage to convey a lot of feeling and this is the reason why their performances become pure delight. We must also highlight the wonderful staging and his incredible talent.

Actually, you can not explain the performance with words so, here we leave the video for you to judge for yourself. Get ready to get excited.

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Source: IlDivoVEVO

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