A third dancer sneaks into the amazing performance of a dance partner

Gary and Charlotte have been dancing together for most of their lives. They always compete in dance competitions throughout the country, including the US Open Championship in Anaheim, California.

In the following video, which is from before 2010, Gary and Charlotte manage to impress everyone in the room with his dance show at the "Chicago Windy City Jitterbug Club". It sounded the song "Me and Bobby McGee" sung by Rhonda McDaniel, it is fascinating to see this duo performing and just when you think it can not be better, jump to the track Debbie Wheelis who joins the performance .

Gary, Charlotte, and Debbie usually dance a variety of swing dances, but mainly these: East Coast / West Coast / Jitterbug / Bop. Each of these dance styles share something in common: the six times. The following routine incorporates movements of many of those styles.

It is impossible to see this without smiling. Some YouTube users even speculate that Charlotte and Debbie should be twins with matching outfits because they look identical.

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