A study shows what they think and how horses act when they know we are angry

A new study conducted by the University of Sussex, United Kingdom, has shown that horses can read our emotions much better than we thought. They analyzed the response of 28 horses when they were shown large pictures of angry or happy people for 30 seconds.

Seeing the angry faces, their heart rate increased and they turned their heads for to look at the photos through his left eye a key sign that they perceived a negative stimulus. Researchers say that the left eye means that horses can read human emotions very well.

 A study shows what horses think and act when they know we are angry

Many animals process in the right hemisphere. brain what the left eye sees. And it is there, in the right hemisphere, where threatening stimuli are processed . Hence, horses look with their left eye at angry faces, suggesting that these people pose a threat to them.

Horses had a strong reaction to negative emotions but they barely reacted to the positive. This may be because, for animals, it is vital to recognize threats from their environment and those angry faces are an emergency system to anticipate negative human behavior.

 A study demonstrates what think and act how horses when they know we are angry

We know that this animal is a socially sophisticated species but the fact that they can read the facial expressions of another species and distinguish between positive and negative is something very important.

 A study shows what they think and how horses act when they know we are angry

This study was conducted after another one that found that horses have 17 expressions Different facial features to indicate your mood. As we can see, horses are frankly intelligent and fascinating animals, they seem adorable to us and they have a quite high emotional coefficient.

Did you know that these animals could identify human emotions? What do you think about this animal? Tell us in the comments!

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