A stranger saves a woman from her husband's abuse

A man grabbed his wife by the neck and dragged her through a parking lot. Then, a complete stranger did something that ended by saving her from a long and abusive relationship .

The woman wrote a letter to the stranger. In it he told him that he probably is not aware that he saved his life and thanks him.

 A stranger saves a woman from her husband's abuse

"I was too scared to ask for help . If I come to ask for help and it does not work, it would make me even more angry. That was my instinct for survival. "

The husband dragged her by the neck walking through the parking lot on the way to the car. She struggled to escape, hoping someone would notice and help her.

 A stranger saves a woman from her husband's abuse

Luckily, the stranger noticed and , most important, he cared about doing something about it.

The husband is a big and intimidating man. In contrast, the stranger had an average body, with a somewhat shy appearance. The stranger must have thought that helping her could be dangerous and, no doubt, uncomfortable.

"Hey! You can not do that! "Said the stranger.

His voice not only stopped the husband, he also stopped other clients who were nearby. The woman's hope of being saved began to increase.

"Fuck you uncle, it's my wife," the husband replied.

 A stranger saves a woman from her husband's abuse
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The husband quickened his pace, he only had 4.5 meters to reach the car. The woman lost hope again. But the stranger did it again.

"I do not care if it's your wife, you can not do that," he said again.

The husband was very angry because of the stranger. He even thought about attacking him. But then he began to feel that he was being the center of attention in the entire parking lot. Many customers were looking at them, even some were watching from the window of their car.

This was enough. The husband released her, got in the car and left. The stranger was not aware of the great change that was going to cause in this woman's life.

"I did not know that I had been trapped in this abusive relationship for years. My husband had gone absolutely crazy in the last few days showing violence and anger that I had never seen. "

What she did not know is that during the last 32 hours she had kept her away from her phone, her computer, her car and to maintain any contact with someone. She was not aware of this.

 A stranger saves a woman from her husband's abuse

The only reason she risked taking it in public was because the tax refund was on behalf of the woman and wanted to change it. She thought I would kill her later.

"Minutes after I saved my life, I borrowed someone else's phone and called the police and my mother. Finally, I am free. Thank you, I miss you. "

You have to be careful with toxic relationships, you can end our lives.

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