A sick child after his mother took him in the shopping cart

Vivienne Wardrop is a mother who committed a error not expected when she went to make the purchase with her young son, since everything resulted in the child had to spend ten days in the hospital

During the purchase, this mother placed her son in the seat of the cars destined for the children, as anyone would do, but the next day her son became very sick.

 A sick child after his mother took him in the shopping cart

His mother explained that she had diarrhea, that she vomited everything she ate and was burning because of the fever. He took him to the hospital where he underwent numerous tests and blood tests where he soon discovered that he had salmonella meningitis and rotavirus .

Logan has two weeks in the hospital recovering little by little thanks to the treatment that the doctors have given him. Now his mother tries to raise the rest about the danger of putting the children in these shopping carts without a blanket or without disinfecting them .

 A sick child after his mother will take it in the shopping cart
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'I want to warn parents about using the seat that cars have for children without using a blanket or without clean it before. '

His mother says that he did not think about any of this when he placed it there while making the purchase and that the doctors say that it is where he contracted these diseases.

 A sick child after that his mother will take him in the shopping cart

The little one is only ten months old and he did not contract one but three different diseases so it is very important to avoid putting your baby in the car seat of the purchase

 A sick child after his mother took him in the shopping cart

The little one has spent ten days connected to all kinds of devices and ways to counteract dehydration and give him the necessary food.

In many supermarkets there are dispensers like the following for clean the car before putting your child, but it is not usually very usual, so we recommend that you avoid using them and if it is indispensable to have to put it there try to cover it with a blanket or with what you have on hand to avoid the direct contact

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