A Floating City Above the Sky of China Appears

In the incredible material recorded by a resident of the city of Foshan, in Guangdong Province, China, there seems to be a giant floating city, with skyscrapers, floating above the clouds.

Local residents in shock [19659003] The ghostly vision lasted only a few minutes before disappearing completely. Local residents were alarmed, confused by what they had witnessed, naturally.

 Thousands of people alarmed after the appearance of a Floating City on the Chinese sky

What was it?

Some have speculated that, at consider that the technology is advancing rapidly in China, the vision was a test of a new giant holographic machine to assess the reactions of the inhabitants of the city. Or maybe it was a temporary look in a parallel universe caused by a vortex between the worlds … Who knows?

Other causes may have been that it was a Fata Morgana or just a natural phenomenon that caused a gigantic mirage in the sky.

Other sightings

Similar reports emerged a few days later in Jiangxi province, where several neighbors said they saw a similar "city in the clouds". These two reports coincide with a previous observation of a city in the sky in 2011.

We were amazed at what are causing these multiple paranormal events.

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