A child explains the difference between his "poor" mother and his rich father

I have two origins. While my father's salary has 8 figures, my mother earns about 26,000 euros a year. They've divorced and my mother has taken custody.

I've spent my childhood living with a budget madness. I've been a typical geek kid all day playing consoles. My mother could only afford one game and one console (when she was about 6 years old). I chose the Nintendo GameCube and the Super smash Bros.

 A child explains the difference between his mother
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On weekends (one in two) I went to my father's house. Due to the rivalry with my mother (to see who was better father), my father told me to make a list of games and anything else I wanted and in 2 weeks I would have everything.

] When I was 17 years old (I had never asked for anything that cost more than 80 euros) I asked for a water bike. In two weeks I had a water scooter of 15,000 euros in the yard.

 A child explains the difference between his mother

The best part of being rich is comfort, convenience and happiness in general

The worst part? It is not real happiness . True happiness is feeling loved. Two years before, my mother opened an account in the bank linked to her name. Every time something happened with your account (deposit, etc), I received an email. When I was 16, I asked for a computer to play. It was worth 600 euros, so I told her that I would help her with the house and that she would look for a job to be able to repay her.

The next day? I received two emails. One was a notification of an expense of 1,500 euros, and the other was a notice that the account was in the red. -1,350 euros in the account. I never told my mother that she knew, and I'm glad I did not. Saying "I love you, and I'd do anything for you" is one thing, and doing it is another thing .

Returning that money took me three months. My mother became seriously ill and had to stop working.

Even though I'm in college, I go back once a month (5 hours by train) to help her clean the house, cook, make the purchase …

 A child explains the difference between his mother
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No game consoles, no jet skis, no boats, no smart TV. What my father can buy me will never be comparable to my mother .

What do you think about this boy's reflection? Do you agree that money does not buy happiness? Let us know in the comments.

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