A cat saves a small child from some thugs

Ethan Fenton was playing with his brother when a group of child thugs started attacking him. Ethan, who is only 5 years old, was pushed to the ground by one of the older children.

When Sarah, Ethan's mother, wanted to intervene, a hairy flash sprang into action. It was Smudge Ethan's cat. He rushed on the chest of one of the children in defense of its owner. The thugs were so surprised they fled crying.

 A cat saves a little boy from some thugs

"He was watching the little ones who were playing football in the front yard. I saw three boys who were much taller and older than Ethan walking towards our front door. I heard them yelling Ethan's name twice, but he ignored them, "Sarah said," but then they shouted again and one of them stood next to Ethan and said 'hey, why are you ignoring me?' he pushed. "

According to Sarah, Smudge ran out from under the car and pounced on one of the children. Everyone was stunned but Sarah and Ethan were very grateful for how quickly Smudge had acted.

 A cat saves a little boy from some thugs

Sarah bought Smudge after the death of her cat only 18 months destroyed his heart.

"When they showed us Smudge, it was love at first sight. He was so small and pretty that he only knew I wanted to take him home, "said Sarah.

" I've never done anything like that before, but it was absolutely brilliant to see him defend Ethan like that, "Sarah added. "He has slept in the door of his bedroom keeping watch since that happened. I feel calmer knowing that Smudge is close and he takes care of and defends him like that. "

Smudge has been nominated for the National Cat Year Award created by the charity Cats Protection.

 A cat saves a small child of some thugs

"It's part of the family and for children it's more of a brother than a cat."

 A cat saves a little boy from some bullies

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