9 Celebrities tell their favorite fast food with which they keep their figure

When we see celebrities with their slender and sculptural bodies, we think that they only eat vegetables, but the truth is that they also indulge like the rest of mortals . We have discovered what their favorite fast food restaurants are and what they usually ask for when they go.

The favorite fast food of celebrities

1- Selena Gómez

The singer and actress enjoy going often to eat to McDonald. What he likes to ask for when this type of whims is given is a Happy Meal menu yes, that of the little ones because of the gifts he brings.

2- Anna Kendrick

The actress has shown in various social networks his love for the Mexican food chain Taco Bell. Her favorite dish without hesitation is the Taco Bell Doritos Taco.

3- Chrissy Teigen

The model is not cut when ordering in this type of restaurant and one of her favorites is the Shake Hsake chain, where always asks for the best hamburgers on the menu.

4 – Beyoncé

Queen B prefers to order hamburgers from the American chain In-N-Out before other franchises.

] 5- Mindy Kaling

The actress always shares a photo on Instagram when she asks for something at McDonald's. His favorite dish is usually French fries and one of the gourmet burgers.

6- Kim Kardashian

The most famous Kardashian eats a lot of fried chicken from the KFC chain. He usually orders chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger.

7- Shay Mitchell

The protagonists of Pretty Little Liars eats all the pepperoni pizza from the Domino's pizza chain he can.

8- Taylor Swift

Swift can not live without taking his usual vanilla coffees from Starbucks.

9- Aziz Ansari

The actor is more alternative and always asks at the Chick-fil-A chain a good sandwich

And you, do you ask the same when you go to these types of restaurants or do you have other preferences?

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