8 Things we should never reheat in the microwave

Not many years ago, we began to introduce microwaves into our homes and quickly became dependent on it to heat some foods. We all know that aluminum foil, plastic or metal can not get inside. We do this correctly, but there are other times that we use it badly.

You should know that microwaves do not cook food evenly, so any bacteria that is present in the food will survive. Which means that reheating some foods could be quite dangerous to your health .

Foods that you should never reheat in the microwave

1- Mushrooms

 8 Things we should never overheat in the microwave

In general, it is best to eat the mushrooms right after preparing them since the proteins that contain the fungi deteriorate very quickly. But if you decide to eat them later, it should be before 24 hours and reheated to a temperature of at least 75 degrees.

2- Chicken

 8 Things that we should never reheat in the microwave

If you cook the chicken in the microwave you will not do it evenly, so it could contain harmful bacteria. Infection by Salmonella is very common and is usually associated with undercooked chicken.

3- Celery

 8 Things we should never reheat in the microwave

high nitrate content, so it can become toxic if heated a second time and you eat it. If you have made a soup with a little celery, you should take the whole soup or remove the celery before heating it. The same thing happens with carrots and spinach.

4- Frozen meat

 8 Things we should never reheat in the microwave

The best way to store meat is to freeze it, since you avoid the bacteria multiply. However, you should keep in mind that if you thaw it in the microwave it may be uneven since while the outside appears to be thawed, the inside remains frozen, so opt for conventional methods.

This is because if you cook a badly thawed steak, each piece will be cooked differently, getting to have few pieces cooked with the possibility of bacteria.

5- Rice

 8 Things that we should never reheat in the microwave

Harmful bacteria are not destroyed by reheating the rice but it gives them a warm and humid environment to reproduce. The microorganisms and toxins in rice are resistant, so the microwave will not kill them.

If you store the cooked rice in a refrigerator, be sure to store it an hour later to allow it to cool and the bacteria to not develop. 19659007] 6- Mother's milk

 8 Things we should never reheat in the microwave

Breast milk contains many nutrients for babies helping them to improve their immune system and decrease the risk of infection. If you heat the milk in the microwave, there will be cold parts and hotter parts and also decrease its nutritional quality.

7- Potatoes

 8 Things that we should never reheat in the microwave

Potatoes can contain Clostridium botulinum a bacterium found in the soil. The spores of the bacteria are not harmful but produce four neurotoxins that attack the central nervous system.

When cooked in the microwave, areas remain unheated enough and that is where bacteria can survive and cause botulism, a serious condition that causes paralysis.

8- Eggs

 8 Things we should never reheat in the microwave

Eggs may contain Salmonella a bacterium that can cause food poisoning. This bacterium is eliminated by exposing it to high temperatures, so it is very important to cook the egg completely.

If you cook it in a microwave, there will probably be uncooked areas and therefore bacteria from that area will not be eliminated.

The biggest reason why you have to avoid reheating these foods is the bacteria in them, because they can cause health problems.

Are you one of those who use the microwave for everything and reheat food over and over again?

Do not forget share it with all your friends and family so that they are aware of the risk they run!

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