8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire upcoming horror movies

Nothing awakens more our curiosity than a good unsolved mystery, and why not say it, also our imagination.

We all love trying to explain any enigma with supernatural causes or conspiracy theories even though in most Sometimes the explanations end up being surprisingly trivial. However, there are cases that remain unsolved, perhaps forever, and that are often the most intriguing.

Here are 8 mysterious, dark, and creepy mysteries:

1- The great mystery of Amherst [19659005] 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the upcoming horror films ” width=”690″/>

In the second half of the 19th century, in a small town called Amherst of Nova Scotia, a woman named Esther Cox was harassed by what she said were poltergeists .

Esther lived in a house with her sister and her family. After she was almost killed by a friend of her, her house began to be enchanted . A few days after the poltergeists threatened to burn the house, Esther moved in with another family, but according to the woman, that house was also haunted.

The actor and researcher of paranormal phenomena, Walter Hubbell, decided to live with the woman for several weeks and, finally, wrote a book in which he claimed to have seen floating objects and attacks on Esther by invisible forces .

To date, none has been given explanation, although some of those who have investigated the stories believe that everything was a woman's deception.

2- The great gray man of Ben MacDhui

 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the upcoming films of terror
Brocken Inaglory

Known in Scotland as Am Fear Liath Mor, the Great Gray Man by Ben MacDhui is a cryptid similar to the Yeti . According to rumors, this being is found in Ben MacDhui, the highest peak of the Cairngorms . In 1889 he became more than a legend after Professor Norman Collie found him.

Although in fact, technically he did not see the Gray Man. "I heard something more than my own steps. For every few steps I took, I heard a creak, as if someone were following me but giving three or four times longer steps than mine . "

" Since then, similar experiences have been reported by different people, including Peter Densham, member of the rescue team of Ben MacDhui, or the naturalist and mountaineer Alexander Tewnion, who also claimed to have seen the Gray Man and even shot him three times.

3- The murder of Geli Raubal

 ] 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the next horror films
Spartacus Educational

Angela "Geli" Raubal was a woman who grew up in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. His life ended when he allegedly committed suicide on September 18, 1931 with a weapon that belonged to his half uncle and possibly lover, Adolf Hitler . Known as the " Uncle Alfie " by his niece, Hitler captivated the young woman thanks to his enormous popularity.

Raubal traveled with the Fuehrer all over the world. During the time they spent together, Hitler described his niece as a reference for all Aryan women although some did not see her that way. It is said that the reports on the death of Raubal record that the night before his death had a fight with Hitler after announcing his desire to travel to Vienna to engage with another man.

After her "suicide", people close to Hitler explained that Raubal had shot herself because she was nervous about a music recital she was about to give . No notes were ever discovered and reports made reference to the discovery of numerous injuries in Raubal's body.

The news could never come to light as it was quickly silenced by the political influence of the Nazis and their threats of litigation. A journalist who dared to continue investigating the circumstances that surrounded that death was arrested and executed by the Nazis. With that last death, all investigation into the matter was abandoned, and we may never know what really happened to Geli Raubal.

4- The lights Hessdalen

 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the next films of terror

Although the sightings of this particular phenomenon of the Hessdalen valley, Norway, date back to 1811, they did not end up becoming popular until the early 1980s, when almost 20 cases were reported. independent sightings a week on the subject.

Since then, sightings have decreased to between 10 and 20 per year. In these cases, the phenomenon would be originated by the inexplicable appearance of white or yellow lights that appeared floating several meters above the ground.

Although several scientific studies have proposed to find out the explanation about what is behind the lights, it has not yet been possible to find any conclusive explanation.

5- The murder of Julia Wallace

 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the upcoming horror movies [19659002] Julia Wallace was a British woman who lived at 29 Wolverton Street, in Liverpool. On January 19, 1931, when her husband William returned home from the chess club, a man named Qualtrough told him that a stranger had left him a message telling him to go to Menlove Gardens East. [19659002] The next day, William did exactly what the message said, leaving his wife at home. After having spent almost an hour wandering the road, he discovered that was a fake address .

Annoyed by the fact, William returned home, to discover his wife's corpse in the living room . The police arrested William about two weeks later, convinced that he had left a false message himself, since the call came from a booth located only a few meters from the chess club . Although most of the evidence against him was circumstantial, William was found guilty and sentenced to death.

William's case was brought before the Court of Appeals, which rarely nullified the jury's decisions. However, the Court decided that this case justified it, and William was released . To this day, no other person has been charged with the crime, so it remains unresolved.

6- The Aurora incident

 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the upcoming horror films

On April 19, 1897, a cylinder-shaped flying object that had been observed several times during previous weeks, crashed near the village, ending the life of his pilot . From the local cemetery is claimed to have buried the body although they refuse to exhume him.

To add more drama to the matter, the place where the alien was buried is not marked in any way since the 1970s. The story goes that a UFO crashed into a windmill causing the ship to explode into a thousand pieces and leaving the remains of the pilot severely disfigured.

7- The disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst

 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the next horror films

Benjamin Bathurst was a nineteenth-century diplomat for Britain, relatively young and very skilled in his work, a man with seemingly unlimited potential .

In 1809, after leading a diplomatic mission to Austria, he was forced to take a more dangerous route [1]. 9459012] to avoid the French when he was back home. Armed to the teeth, Bathurst decided to travel through Germany under the fictional name of Koch.

On November 25, Bathurst and his German assistant, Herr Krause, stopped in the small town of Perleberg to rest before continuing with his trip.

When it was time to leave the inn where they had stopped, Bathurst came out the door, with Krause supposedly following him a few steps back. However, when Krause left, Bathurst was no longer and would never be seen again .

Despite the extensive investigation that led to his disappearance, only several pieces of clothing were discovered, and They were found in a nearby area, but their body remained lost forever . The most widespread explanation is that he was arrested by the French and later murdered in prison or simply that he was another victim of the bandits.

8- The Lost Sublett mine

 8 Macabre stories of unsolved mysteries that could inspire the next ones horror films

It is said that the Guadalupe Mountains, located in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico, harbor one of the richest gold mines in the world a fact corroborated by the famous Apache Indian, Gerónimo.

Ben Sublett, an old miner who lived during the 19th century, is supposed to have found such a valuable gold vein that he could extract 10,000 dollars of gold each week

Tired of being considered a drunk and a liar, Sublett decided to enter his local tavern by throwing a handful of pips and shouting that the drink was on his own that night.

Nobody was able to get the secret out of the location of his mine even though many tried to follow him on his way home. Even when Sublett's little son asked where the gold was, Sublett told him to find it himself, as his father had.

As of today, nobody knows where the mine is, and scientists do not believe that the great veins of gold are located in the mountains of Guadalupe.

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