8 Incredible films that will reach the Soul

True art is an expression of beauty, and beauty has the power to move our hearts and shape our souls.

Movies are one of the most influential media in art, and today we bring you this collection of 8 incredible movies that will come straight to your heart that despite not being romantic stories, will make the tears end up gushing out of your eyes.

Each of these movies that we present to you will inspire, change the way you see life and will mark you as a person, as they develop a history of profound transformations, with characters that break the barriers we are used to.


 8 Incredible Movies that you They will reach the Soul

This incredible film is about a millionaire who is left quadriplegic and hires Driss, an immigrant from a marginal neighborhood to take care of him. Although no one trusts him in the beginning, they finely create a truly unexpected friendship, one of a kind.

Life is Beautiful

 8 Amazing Movies that will reach the Soul

When Guido and His son is separated from his wife during World War II in a concentration camp, Guido makes his son believe that surviving in the countryside is a fun game. The film talks about the beauty of optimism in the worst circumstances.

The boy in the striped pajamas  8 Amazing Movies that will come to the soul

During the Second World War, this film tells a tough and beautiful story of friendship between Bruno, the son of a senior Nazism and a boy dressed in striped pajamas behind a fence.

A couple of three (Marley and Me)
 8 Incredible films that will come to the Soul

The newly married couple, John and Jenny Grogan, decide to leave Michigan behind. When they want to have a child, John decides to give him a Labrador puppy to postpone the decision. Marley becomes a fundamental pillar of the family, who will always be there to support them. A true story of friendship and love, that will make all dog lovers cry.

My name is Sam
 8 Incredible films that will reach you the Soul

In this film three movie geniuses met: Dakota Fenning, Sean Penn and Michelle Peiffer. It is about Sam's love for his daughter Lucy, who receives the news at the school that they are going to take custody of her because she is mentally retarded. The whole movie is set with a moving Beatles soundtrack.

A dream possible  8 Incredible films that will get you to the Soul

This film, based on real events, is about the story of Michael Oher, a young homeless black man with a white family, who will support him in everything he can to succeed as a soccer player.

Dreams of Freedom  8 Incredible films that will reach the soul

An alleged murder makes that Andrew Dufresne, vice president of a large bank in the United States, goes to jail for killing his wife. There he will meet Ellis Boyd, "Red", who will become his best friend. A moving story of hope and friendship

Billy Elliot
 8 Incredible films that will reach you in the soul

During the miners' strikes, Tony and his father stand out. He is determined that Billy, his young son, receive boxing classes. But he discovers that what he really loves in his life is dancing, the Ballet. Against the will of his father, he will fight to make his dreams come true, become a professional dancer.

Save this list of movies, and whenever you want to make your heart feel an explosion of emotions, give it a chance one of these wonderful short films.

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