8 Images from the album that an artist has photographed to capture the magic of couple relationships

Would you be able to invite a stranger to your home to immortalize in a photograph the most intimate moments with your partner ? If the answer is yes, you should meet Roxy Hervé, the 27-year-old Parisian photographer who has turned her passion for photography into a window for the intimate magic of couples.

The photographer was contacted for a couple to photograph them in bed, the proposal caught his attention so much that he accepted immediately and the result was so spectacular, that he created a series called Lovers (Lovers), where he captures couples in different points of your intimacy, but never in the sexual act.

What would be your most intimate moment with your partner?

Posing in such an intimate moment with someone pointing at you with the camera is something else complicated than it seems, therefore, Hervé tries that his models are as relaxed as possible, always asks them the same. " Describe, with as much detail as possible, the moment when you realized that you liked ."

The question is so direct, simple and charged with feelings, that as soon as they look the answer, all its barriers fall and open to it.

" The project is mainly about intimacy "

" I capture those intimate, slightly sexual moments that nobody sees but they are always there ", says the artist.

The thin line that draws between the erotic or pornographic photo and Hervé's project demands a complicity between her and her models, for what happens a lot of time explaining in what the project consists of .

"Much of the trust occurs before the session itself"

To all the couples with whom the session was held, 10 up the moment, it gives them the same indications and the artist is uentra in search of more couples who want open their privacy to her and the world .

Would you be able to pose showing your most secret intimacy? Do you remember how you fell in love with your partner?

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Source: roxy.herve
Image from cover: roxy.herve

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