7 Inventions of modern medicine as a result of the ingenuity of nurses

The nurses are responsible for checking the pulse, drawing blood and taking care of us when we are sick. But beyond all that, they also create teams that save lives and make life in the hospital easier.

Over time, nurses have assumed more responsibility when it comes to patient care. Thanks to the roles they play in the hospital, they can observe the practices and medical procedures from a different approach which sometimes leads to the creation of revolutionary and useful inventions.

If something there is no doubt, is that without the help of nurses life in hospitals would not be the same.

Here are some inventions created by these medical professionals:

1- Food tube for disabled veterans

 7 Inventions of modern medicine as a result of the ingenuity of nurses

Due to the experiences he was able to experience with the soldiers he treated during World War II, Bessie Blount Griffin, an African-American nurse, devised an apparatus that made it possible for amputee patients to be able to feed themselves.

Thanks to their invention, incapacitated soldiers could bite a tube and receive a dose of food, thus giving them some independence.

Bessie's ingenuity did not stop there. He also invented the disposable cardboard emesis basin formed from newspaper, flour and water.

2- Color-coded intravenous lines

 7 Inventions of modern medicine as a result of nurses' ingenuity

For 37 years as a nurse, Terri Barton-Salinas has seen how hospital errors can put patients' lives at risk. "Making a medication error is a nurse's worst nightmare," she said herself.

The truth is that many deaths and injuries are attributed to confusions in treatments given through intravenous lines and other tubes that supply medications , fluids, nutrients, oxygen and blood to sick patients. When numerous lines are attached to a patient, it can be difficult to differentiate them and it is easy to make a mistake.

For this reason, Teri Barton-Salinas and her sister, Gail Barton-Hay, decided to patent their lines with color codes in 2003 , which make it easier for nurses to safely administer multiple medications.

3- Stopping car

 7 Inventions of modern medicine the fruit of nurses' ingenuity

When it stops The heart of a patient, having a defibrillator and resuscitation equipment at hand can make the difference between life and death. For this reason, the experienced nurse Anita Dorr invented in 1968 a trolley with several drawers where all the appropriate tools could easily be found during an emergency.

The stop cart was so successful and has saved so many lives that it is currently used throughout the world.

4- Neonatal phototherapy

 7 Inventions of modern medicine as a result of the ingenuity of nurses
Real-life nursing

Currently, we know that sunlight helps babies suffering from jaundice, a condition which causes the skin of newborns to acquire a yellowish color caused by high levels of bilirubin in their blood. P

or the liver is generally able to break down bilirubin, however, the liver of many babies still does not function efficiently during the first weeks of life and they end up developing this problem.

In the 1950s, the Nurse Jean Ward discovered by chance that sunlight helped combat this condition. Apparently, convinced that the fresh air and warm sunlight would help the babies she nursed as a nurse, Ward decided to take them outdoors.

When she returned to the hospital with the children, a doctor noticed that the skin areas which had been covered by the blankets were more yellow than the rest of the body. Thanks to the intuition of Jean Ward, currently medical professionals use phototherapy to treat babies with jaundice.

5- Phototherapy masks

 7 Inventions of modern medicine as a result of nurses' ingenuity

When the treatment of phototherapy was finally started, a new problem appeared. In order to protect the eyes of children against UV rays, nurses and doctors were forced to improvise a kind of protective goggles with whatever material they had within reach.

This would be so until the In the 1990s, Sharon Rogone, who had worked as a nurse in neonatal intensive care units at the hospital in San Bernardino, California, designed special glasses for newborns.

Next to the glasses, she also designed a structure that It attached to the head and helped keep the glasses in place. The whole set would be known since then as Bili-Bonnet.

6- Sanitary Compresses

 7 Inventions of modern medicine as a result of the ingenuity of nurses

During the First World War, doctors and nurses used a material called cellucotton to treat the wounds of soldiers on the battlefield. The product was five times more absorbent than cotton.

However, field nurses also used it "unofficially" as sanitary napkins. The idea was so effective that some years after the end of the war, the invention became popular and acquired its form as a commercial product under the brand name 'Kotex'.

7- Ostomy bag

 7 Inventions of modern medicine fruit of the ingenuity of nurses

The first person to realize that patients with an ostomy needed special attention was nurse Elise Sorensen; she can be credited with the foundation of the first ostomized patient care consultation.

After her younger sister, Thora, had to face a bowel operation because of colon cancer, Elise decided to look for a solution that solved the problems related to the management and disposal of food waste.

For this reason, Elise developed in 1954 an exchangeable plastic bag that could adhere to the body of the patient. Thanks to his invention, those who have since undergone ostomy surgery are able to lead normal lives.

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