7 Images of Ekaterina Lisina, the Guinness Record woman with the longest legs in the world

The world of records has become an obsession for many of the participants in its competition. Getting to appear in its pages is becoming more and more difficult and many invest a lifetime in getting something so spectacular to be immortalized in its pages.

Not everyone has to work so hard, there are those who have the right to leave in the Guinness Book of Records by birth and is that they have been lucky enough to come to this world with physical attributes that no one else possesses.

Ekaterina Lysina: The woman with the longer legs

Model Ekaterina Lisina has entered this year's edition (2018) in the Guinness book of the record for her spectacular legs. Born in Russia in 1987 in the city of Penza, Lisina shines some legs of 1.32 meters long measuring it 2.05 meters.

Comes from a family close to heaven, his brother measures 1.98 m, his father 1.95 m and his mother 1.85 m, so the girl was not going to leave just short . Her 6-year-old son is already the tallest in the class, by far and aspires to appear also in the Guinness book.

"Not all girls are more than 2 meters tall, but I have no problem with it. "

Lisina plays in the Russian national team as a basketball player and went to the Olympics in 2008, winning a bronze medal. She is already used to being the most something, since she became the Russian woman with the largest standing number, a 49 ! It must be a challenge to find shoes of his number.

"I like my height, it's unusual and everything unusual draws attention"

Lysina is retired from basketball and earns her living as a professional model, working for companies that seek to attract the taller women as their new customers.

Do they measure Lysina legs more than you? Have you ever known such long legs?

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Cover image: Instagram @ ekaterina_lisina15

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